5476ada8e0fd1.pngWhat is langcer.com?

Langcer.com is new website aiming to connect language teachers and tutors with students and learners from around the world. We are giving an introductory offer for teachers and tutors registering now. Register today and get 12 free contact credits.  This offer is time limited and will expire once we have reached our target number of registered teachers and tutors.

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5476c882151ff.pngSo what are Contact Credits? 

You can think of Contact Credits as a digital currency that you can use to pay for establishing a connection with a student.  It costs one contact credit per connection.  If you find a student or learner you think might be interested in the teaching service you are offering, you first send an inquiry to that student asking if he/she is still looking for a teacher.  Once the student replies to your inquiry with a “Yes I am still looking” you may send a custom message that can include your contact details that will cost you one contact credit.  All subsequent messages to the same student or learner will be free.  Register now and get 12 free contact credits valued at about US $12.

5476c8bfa28e0.pngIs langcer.com for me? 

If you are a language teacher, tutor or someone with a passion for teaching your native language to others. If you want to teach from home or if you are looking for an additional income by teaching a language, then langcer.com is for you.  Langcer.com doesn't restrict you with an online teaching platform. It helps you find and connect with students and learners.  It is up to you to agree with the student or learner on the teaching method.  It can’t be any simpler than this.  

5476c8d8771d2.pngFinding Students and learners 

Once you have registered and your profile is approved you can begin to search for students that may be interested in the teaching services you provide.  You may send an inquiry to ask if student or learner is still looking for a teacher, or you may choose to send a custom message that will cost you one contact credit.  We recommend that you first send an inquiry to the student or learner and wait for their response before you send a custom message. Not only teachers can find students and learners, students and learners can also find you and send you inquiries.

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